Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring......What a wonderful season!

Every year at this time, I get so excited when I see grass greening up, bushes giving birth to new leaves and those awesome Bradford pear trees dressing up in their annual white ball gowns. Truly a visual invitation to spring.

Spring brings new life, new experiences and is the perfect time to put the past, well in the past.   It's hard to be in a bad mood when the sun is shining, the grass is green and flowers are starting to bloom.  Even my animals seem to be in a better mood.  I love opening all of the windows in my house, turning on the stereo and listening to my favorite music,  as I busy myself with the major task of "Spring Cleaning".  Who said dancing with your mop is a bad idea.  I kind of like it and the mop must too because he always lets me lead!

Spring also brings more enjoyment to my walks and runs.  I like to run as it is a great way to let all of my problems, worries and fears take the back seat for a few moments and then when I'm finished with my run, they even seem to have slightly diminished.  Running by beautifully landscaped yards or recently planted fields is very relaxing and motivating.  The laughter of children playing as you pass a play ground seems to make you want to run a little faster in hopes of getting a little of that youth back.  I love the sound of a lawn mower clipping off the uneven sprigs on the lawn making a beautiful green carpet to run, jump and explore.

Spring is also a time that makes us think of Easter and the wonderful message that it brings.   I look forward to the renewal of life, the resurrection and the promise of eternal life.  Spring touches each of us and each in a different way, so here's to a Happy Spring and may your days to sunny and bright!!!


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